Confidence, Freedom, Openness
An Aggressive Brand for Kids and Family Lifestyle

The Founder

Parenting is always time and money-consuming. In 2019 a millennium young mom found that there is no brand could simultaneously be good looking, high quality, affordable while maintain sustainable. She wants to give her kid the best childhood and so do all parents all over the world. That’s why she created Happy nocnoc who acts as a leading trouble shooter in this industry.

Confidence, Freedom and Openness

Why Called “Happy nocnoc”?

In fact, both "Happy nocnoc" and "HNN Kid" stand for our brand "Happy nocnoc". Before each individual kid is fully-grown, we parents want them to be curious, to be happy, and to “Noc” on the door to experience the magical outside world on their own.

Our Design

Based on Confidence, Freedom and Openness concept, we use a wide range of colors and patterns on each of our garment.

Let the kids paint their childhood! Let the kids shape their happiness and joy!

Pac-Man Series

In 2020, Happy nocnoc joined hands with Pac-Man parent company on a series of kids clothes like Pac-man shoes, Pac-man hoodies and Pac-man underwear which are becoming increasingly popular. We all love cute things, let alone kids.

Our Manufacturing
All Happy nocnoc products will go through several times of revision before they are truly manufactured. Every single piece is a perfect combination of the best design and the most suitable material.
What's Coming Out

Happy nocnoc doesn’t compromise on selecting the fabric, both for the sake of ensuring our kids’ health and reducing the harm to our living planet. Our material may not be the most expensive, but shall be the healthiest and cleanest.